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iEngage – A True Enterprise Mobility Platform

iEngage is a comprehensive and powerful mobile middleware platform that provides mobile devices based solutions to enterprise customers. True to the word ‘IEngage’, it enables disconnected and remote resources such as a field force of an enterprise to access information and update their interactions with customers, providers, stockiest and managerial staffs for multiple business use cases including daily visits, order booking and inventory management using a mobile device consistently and over a secured environment.


Non availability of data networks (3G/GPRS) are barriers to near real-time data updations and interactions. Our platform overcomes this and provides a seamless interaction and communication between the device user and the enterprise information system over data networks, SMS and offline mode with no significant change in user experience.


iEngage offers reliable security using multiple authentication and authorization mechanisms including devices, users and data.All data exchange between the user and the enterprise information are encrypted.All data stored in local storages are encrypted and can be accessed only by the application.

Bring Your Own Device

Minimizing device, infrastructure costs and reduced software cost of ownership is one of vital goals of our platform. Our solution will work and can be deployed on any mobile device that has a webkit browser irrespective of the platform (android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian) which is available in almost any mobile device these days. The solution can be readily deployed and used in the existing mobile devices of the field force thus reducing additional cost overheads for enterprises.




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