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We provide IT expertise and solutions offering great value to retail clients specific to their business goals. We have implemented a wide variety of solutions for both medium as well as large scale retail companies ranging from the development of stores, ecommerce and information integration solutions.

Our retail solution provides a unified and consistent shopping experience for customers whether shopping in-store or online and provides significant cost savings and customer retention capabilities for retailers.

We have a professional workforce including subject matter experts and solution architects, who possess great skills and experience in this vertical, that give retailers the ability to thrive in today’s demanding market place.

We provide integrated solution for retailers including

Health Care

Stores Management

  • Web POS based on JavaPOS
  • Multi-store configurations
  • Centralized Inventory
  • Managing and monitoring employee productivity
  • Supplier Management
  • Customer relationships


  • Customized Catalogs
  • Customer Management
  • Orders
  • Campaigns and Marketing
  • Customer Service


  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Inventory and order alerts over multi-channels


Application Development
Web Application Services
B2B and Application Integration Services
Client Server Applications
Mobile Applications
Packaged Solutions and Customization

Application Maintenance Services

Testing Services

Application Developement:

Web Application Services
Our Web Application Standards Architecture
Development Platforms
Our Web Application Services Offerings


Case Studies:

IT Web Platform for Global M&A Network Major
Integrated Solution for a Retail Chain
B2B/B2C Web Portal
Solution for an Indian Energy Distribution Company
Integrated Solution for a Retail Chain
CRM Solution for an Indian Energy Distribution Company
BAM Solution for Chemicals Major